Squeaky Clean Western Street Car Wash, Liberal Kansas


Our Western Street location at 1304 North Western Street.  Just one block south of Western and 15th Streets in Liberal Kansas.  Our Western location features 6 self serve bays including 2 Truck Bays.  The bays are Big enough for semi-trucks, oversized pickups, RVs and camper trailers!

The self serve bays features feature 8 functions: Bug and Tire Cleaner, Heated Presoak, High pressure Hot Soap, Foam Brush, Tri-foam polish, High Pressure Rinse, Clear Coat Protectant, and High purity Spot Free rinse!  Click on any of the functions to learn about the benefits of being Squeaky Clean, Squeaky Fast.

Ultra light touch tunnel wash at Squeaky Clean Western

Expriance the best in clean for your car at our NEW tunnel wash!

Southwest Kansas’s ONLY Tunnel Car wash!

Usually only found in the big city, we have the only tunnel car wash in southwest Kansas.  Experience the clean has our ultra soft touch tunnel wash cleans your car or pickup.  You will also save time cleaning your car at our tunnel wash since we can load a car into the was every 2 minutes!  Feel good about washing your car since our tunnel uses 75% less water than hand washing your car, and 50% less chemicals compared to touchless automatics.  Experience the Ultimate in Squeaky Clean, Squeaky Fast.

Come Visit us at 1304 North Western Street in Liberal!

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